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Linda A. Liljedahl
Mediation Training
                       WELCOME TO THE WORLD
              After practicing law for many years, Linda Liljedahl decided that there had to be a better way to resolve disputes - whether legal, business or personal.  She discovered MEDIATION, and became trained as a Mediator in 1991, thus beginning her practice as one of the few mediators in Louisiana - or even the South - at that time.
              Ms. Liljedahl's mediation practice grew, while she added to her training in other areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution (A.D.R.), such as Arbitration and Early Neutral Evaluation.  Believing as much as she did in mediation and A.D.R. and seeing the improvement not only in her practice, but in all areas that disputes touch, Ms. Liljedahl decided that there was a strong necessity for more well-trained, experienced mediators, arbitrators and A.D.R. providers.  Because Mediation and Dispute Resolution were just becoming known and used in most of the United States, particularly the South, Linda had to travel all over the USA to get her training - not that she had a problem with that situation. 
              As a matter of fact, because Linda chose to go to the West Coast, i.e. California, etc. and the East Coast, i.e. New York, Harvard, etc. to get her early teachings & mediation training of Dispute Resolution, particularly Mediation, Collaborative Negotiation, Dangerous Mediation, Neutral Evaluation, Arbitration, and so forth, Linda was very lucky to be taught by some of the greatest minds in these areas -- which was not merely a coincidence. If one knows her, it is very clear that Linda has a few habits that have not changed probably since she began walking at 9 months old. A couple are (1) that she is very clear & direct in everything she does and never hides the reason for her actions, which includes (2) she always tells you the truth if you ask a clear, direct question. The above all led to the following good luck for us!
            Ms. Liljedahl was often heard to say in the mid-ninties, "Learning (mediation) in the beginning from people like William Ury, Roger Fisher, Dan Dana & Kenneth Cloke showed me the distance I still had to go to become even a good mediator -- and I was determined to be at least an excellent one. As time passed, I also began to see the need for more well-trained, excellent Mediators/Arbitrators (ADR Practitioners) here in Louisiana & the South - and that need was only going to get more demanding as every year passed. But, there were even LESS independent, professionally skilled, really good trainers available in the South, including Louisiana . . . (at least in 1995 ) . . . and even worse in 2012, at least none with whom I or the mediators, arbitrators and/or dispute resolution (ADR)practitioners I know like me would study. So I'm giving up the rest of my law practice like long distance trials, etc. and promise to become & stay the best educated, trained, experienced, co-mediated, ADR practiced, and whatever else it takes - even on my own expense - to make certain those I train & teach not only receive the BEST from me - but I'll include the newest, most worthy, accredited & as always, most professional & excellent training/teaching/& love of & belief in mediation and peace-making I can give."               
            From her background as an American Historian and a Civil (not Criminal) Attorney,  Linda Liljedahl knows American, Civil and Louisiana Law. Even better, she knew then and now knows more exactly what every expert Mediator must know, whether they are an attorney, a professional in life from having lived, studied independently and traveled through life long and well, or another life styled professional engaged in mediation.  Ms. Liljedahl decided there was a necessity for a particular type of Mediation Skills Training Seminars offered by her, and began offering such in 1995.  She has continued to offer the same, the one change being to grow only better every year, from 1995 through this present year. Linda plans on continuing as before for many more years to come. Linda also knows that there are many with the natural interpersonal skills needed to become excellent trained mediators. That mediation makes use of soft skills is even better, due to the fact that so many of us have soft skills and interpersonal skills that are not being used to their fullest and best degree - ADR would help in that area!
            We know that Linda Liljedahl hopes that she will soon have the joy of getting to know you & maybe a close co-worker or friend of yours, with perhaps you meeting - or becoming -  a new unknown soon-to-be good professional contact! This site provides you with all the information you need to decide if you are interested in becoming a well-trained mediator, arbitrator or A.D.R. provider anywhere. Please read on to discover this wonderful world of A.D.R. and how you can become an active, vital part of it!
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