Linda A. Liljedahl
Mediation Training

Fees & Costs

For One Day Adv.  Family Seminars, the price when purchased separately in Advance is Five Hundred Fifty Dollars. Please remember that all these Seminars contain a minimum of 20 Hours of Mediation/ADR Accreditation Hours plus 16+ Hours of Continuing Legal (MCLE) and Continuing Professional Educational Hours, so as with the BasicTwo-Day Seminars, when you take any of Linda Liljedahl's Seminars, you are truly getting Double-Accreditation/Certification for your Fees!!
    As with the Two-Day Seminars, if you sign up for than 2 Two-Day Seminar and pay for all 3 Seminars at the same time, including having the payment made in full no less than 30 days prior to the first day of the first
seminar in which you are enrolled, the Total Price for all Three Seminars is One Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars - One Thousand Dollars or LESS than Any Other Trainer !!! 
    The above-stated offer is not only the best priced arrangement existing anywhere known to us, but it includes granting the taker of the seminars the Double Accreditation of both Civil Mediator and Child Custody & Parenting Mediator. 
    At the end of the appropriate two Two-Day Seminars, Linda provides you with all the material you need to immediately become enrolled as an Accredited Civil Mediator in Louisiana. After you have completed the appropriate One-Day Family Seminar, too, you receive all the material you need to become enrolled as a Child Custody & Parenting Mediator in
Louisiana. Linda will make certain that you also receive all the requisite rules and notices you need to maintain your accreditation, inasmuch as continued attendance to seminars is required in order to do so.  Please note that Ms. Liljedahl is the only Seminar Provider that notifies you via email to remind you that you must update your Louisiana Accreditation if you so wish! 
Seminar Fees

    The fee for each Two-Day Seminar, when purchased separately, is Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollars. 

    If you want to be sure that you get all the required Civil Mediator Training as soon as possible and/or on guaranteed dates, you can enroll in the applicable 2 Two-Day Seminars simultaneously (at the same time). If you do this by paying for both Seminars at the same time, too, and if you pay the total fee at least 30 days or more prior to the First Day of the First Seminar, your Fee for both Seminars is reduced to the Total Price of One Thousand Three Hundred Dollars.  Please note that you must meet all conditions before you will receive the special reduced price. As an example, if you pay by check, your check will have to have cleared our bank account 30 days before the First Day of the First Seminar for you to meet the conditions to receive the reduced price.

Small Seminar Size is Important!            

                Linda Liljedahl presents several highly-acclaimed seminars a year on mediation, arbitration and ADR, which are very popular and qualify for continuing legal and professional education accreditation. The classes are small, informal and extremely interesting and lively, being held at either her home office located at 5222 Blair Lane, Suite C, Baton Rouge, LA   70809-3663 or in Covington, LA at the Offices of Ellen C. Badeaux, Esq., 324 N. Theard St., 70433.  Linda's phone number is 225.454.6448 & Ellen's phone # is 985. 892.1955.
               Linda learned her Dispute Resolution, especially the special Mediation Skills, while in very small groups of 4 to 8 people. As a matter of fact, the best classes she attended had no more than 5 or 6 folks, and very often included only her with the Instructor or perhaps just one or two other students. It is difficult to learn the delicate, intricate techniques required in Mediation when one is in a group of more than 6 or 8 people, and nearly downright impossible with more than 10 students. Linda believes you should get the best training that you can pay for and that includes a small group of people wherein she and the other trainers can focus on each student and help each one with their own skills, problems, talents and ideas.
                Linda is also willing to come teach at your site, if you need her to do so. Give her a call to discuss how that can be arranged!
Please note that all of Linda's Family Parenting & Child Custody Seminars contain the Co-Mediation 8-Hr. requisite for 1st time trainees. All of Linda's Seminars are taught by Attorneys, graduates of Law Schools, Medical Doctors &/or Ph.Ds. who have also been well-trained in Mediation & Dispute Resolution Skills & Techniques. This includes Legal Ethics & Professionalism, which is mandated by the LSBA to be taught by Attorneys.

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