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    The following are brief course descriptions of the Mediation, Arbitration and Alternative/Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Seminars offered by Linda A. Liljedahl. The 1st 3 seminars are two-day classes that total 20 ADR or Mediation Hours, as well as any “Fifty-Minute Hours” where recognized or used in continuing legal education or (mandatory) continuing education jurisdictions, as well as 16.50 or more “Sixty-Minute Hours” where recognized or used in MCLE or (Mandatory) Continuing Legal Education or Continuing Education Jurisdictions, such as Louisiana.  The fourth seminar is a Divorce/Custody/Parenting Seminar which is an example of a  Seminar that totals 10 ADR or Mediation Hours, as well as "Collaborative Hours" for any and all MCLE, Continuing Legal Education and/or Continuing Education Jurisdictions, if one is seeking such specific accreditation. 
 For Continuing Accreditation Requirements:
          Linda is preparing and will soon have at least one half-day Workplace Mediation Training Seminar to be offered 2-3 times starting in mid-2013.  She is also looking into providing another specifically named and qualified Advanced Mediation Training Seminar for Continuing Accreditation Requirements available for any one qualified to take same in the very near future.  If anyone is interested in Workplace Mediation, Elder Mediation or any other Advanced or Specialized type of Mediation training , please contact Linda's office ASAP. As soon as it appears that there are 5 or more people firmly committed to attending such a seminar, one will be offered.  Meanwhile  these seminars are offered as shown below. 
Specifically, all of these seminars provide Civil Mediation Training credits, as per L.R.S. 9:4101, et seq., and are also considered good for any requirement of “general mediation skills and techniques” training.
     Additionally, each seminar besides “Basic Mediation Training" will  provide 10 or more ADR hours of advanced Dispute Resolution Training
Hours.  For example, in "Mediation, Arbitration & ADR: the Nuts & Bolts", the second day of training is specifically on the practice of essential civil arbitration, as accepted by numerous jurisdictions and associations, in addition to the aforementioned ADR and mediation accreditation. Please read the rest of the following descriptions to get more in-depth specific training and education provided by each seminar for the individual taking it.

1.       Basic Mediation Training Seminar:   This seminar introduces participants to mediation skills and training, with an emphasis on Civil Mediation, as defined by L.R.S. 9:4101, et seq.    A copy of the course outline will give information on the subjects covered and skills learned and practiced.  The written materials include, but are not limited to: “ADR Overview”, “Listening Techniques”, “Mediation Flowchart and Checklist”, “Principles of Handling Difficult People”, Closing Techniques”, “Standards of Conduct for Mediators (Ethics)”, “Mediations & Professionalism” and two (2+) or more Role-plays.  There are many other written materials handed out in each seminar, each different in every seminar and too numerous to list here.


2.       Beyond the Basics:  Advanced Mediation Seminar:   This seminar continues the training and skill-building of the participants in Civil Mediation begun in any mediation seminar, especially the afore-mentioned “Basic Mediation Training Seminar”, plus introduces & teaches Advanced Facilitative, Evaluative and Transformative Mediation, as per L.R.S. 9:4101, et seq.  A copy of the course outline will give information on the subjects covered and skills learned and practiced.  The written materials include “10 Ways to Market Your Practice For Under $100”, “Mediation: A Successful Way to Enhance Negotiation,” “More Mediation Skills:, “Using and Extending the Process”,  “Professionalism in Mediation,” “Looking into the Future – Collaboration & Business Dispute Resolution,” “Mediation in Employment Settings”, etc. On the 2nd Day, we offer the choice that most people take: The beginning of Family and Parenting Mediation Training, which provides the student with 10 ADR hours of simultaneous Civil AND Family Mediation Training for that day. So at the end of this class, one has earned (if one took the Basic Mediation Training 2 day seminar) 40 Hours of Civil Mediation Training !! Plus the student needs only ONE MORE of OUR SEMINARS ONE-DAY SEMINAR on PARENTING (which follows this description) to have the accreditation of Parenting/Divorce Family Mediation Training. This seminar also has two (2) or more Role-plays.  There are very many other written materials handed out in each seminar, which are constantly updated and are too numerous to list here.


3.      Mediation, Arbitration & ADR:  The Nuts & Bolts: This course includes essentially ten (10) ADR hours of Basic and Advanced Mediation training on the first day and ten (10) ADR hours of introduction to and practice of Arbitration proceedings on the second day.  Again, a copy of the course outline will give much more information on the subjects covered and the variety of skills learned  and practiced.  The written materials include “Alternative Dispute Resolution Continuum,”  ”FYI:  Mediation vs. Settlement” “Mediation Session Flowchart,”  “Styles of Mediation: Facilitative, Evaluative, and Transformative,”  “Creative Mediation Design”,   “To Caucus or Not to Caucus,” , “Arbitration,”  “The Neutral Corner:  Keep Arbitration On Tract,”  and “Advocacy With Civility: A Prescription For Success,”  “Practice Tips for the Arbitrator Disclosure,”  “The Arbitration Process and Role of the Arbitrator,””   Again, there are many other written materials handed out in each seminar which change rapidly and are too numerous to list.



4.       "21st Century & Beyond:  Parenting Access & Visitation Mediation Training Seminar"  (L.R.S. 9:331-336) :     This is our main One-Day Seminar that, as with all the above-described Seminars, the course’s Outline will provide more information on the subjects covered.  However, the skills learned and practiced are those dealing with "Family", including what was at one time considered issues and problems only related to "Family" resulting from the Contract of Marriage, i.e. Divorce and co-ownership of property (movable & immovable) resulting from Marriage.  We also study & learn mediation skills related to the breakdown of relationships also involving Custody & Parenting in more than one unit resulting from what originally was a single family unit, whether in a marriage arrangement or otherwise, i.e. Family/Divorce Mediation techniques and skills, as required by L.R.S. 9:334.  The subjects include “Parenting Techniques & Today’s Changing Family, “ “Divorce, Family & Domestic Mediation Training,” “Ethics in Family Mediation,” ”Preparing for Mediation & Mediation’s Different Styles,”  “Managing the Mediation Environment via Mediation Guidelines,”  “Things to Know & Increasing the Chance of A Successful Mediation Through Pre-Mediation,”  “Dealing with Anger & Conflict (Ethics”,  “What Parents Can Do To Help Their Children – Learning Flexibility,”   (Professionalism), “Dispute Resolution – Look Where Mediation is Used Now!”

NOTICE !!  WE ARE CONTINUING TO OFFER THIS AS A TWO-DAY 20 HOUR FAMILY MEDIATION TRAINING SEMINAR CALLED: "21st Century Divorce, Parenting, Access, & Visitation Mediation Training Seminar" (L.R.S. 9:331-336) that provides the additional 10 hours required when one follows our NEW training pattern, which we will provide WHEN one requests the new seminar forum.  Please CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS TO EXPLAIN  how this pattern is worked out & what it costs & provides. All Basic Mediation Seminars Dates & Contents are unchanged, Beyond the Basics dates remain & contents are changed for second day, and the 10 day seminar we are discussing here is then taken, for a total of 40 hours civil training, which provides one at the end of the 40 hours with a Civil Mediation "Certification" & a separate Custody and Family Mediation "Certification" is earned by this 20 hour 2 day Parenting Seminar. These classes will all be taught at Baton Rouge, unless you wish to have one taught at another location and arrange same with our offices. Thank you.

Important: includes 8 hours co-mediation on separate day, if needed. Additional arrangements required, must make through Linda or her delegatee during the seminar itself, may involve other items, timing, etc.

New 2013 Classes:

These Divorce-Parenting Seminars will be held in
Baton Rouge, LA at 5222 Blair Ln, Ste. C., 70809 



 "21st Century & Beyond:  Parenting Access & Visitation  Mediation  Training Seminar"                  REGULAR SEMINAR:  10 - 12 HR CREDITS!!      

Basic Mediation Training:   2-3 July 2013 

Beyond the Basics-Adv.Civil Mediation Training: 



        Everyone who becomes accredited as a Civil &/or Parenting/Family Mediator has to continue to take training in order to keep their ranking as an accredited mediator.  This means that those of you that have taken the Basic Training will need to start taking your continuing training courses in the approved Mediation or Dispute Resolution categories. 
       Linda traveled all over the United States for years, taking classes and seminars from the tops of those in the A.D.R. and Mediation specific areas of study, which she is using to create seminars for those of you looking for classes and training in something beyond the generic arenas of Basic Civil Dispute Resolution  or General Family Mediation Practice studies. These will cover such courses, such as Different Styles of Mediation & Your A.D.R.  Practice, Advanced Parenting Mediation Conflict, Mediation & Tech Practice Combined (covers several areas), Elder Mediation, Office Practice & Conflict, and many other newer arenas of law that are being helped by Dispute Resolution and use specific types of practice with which we all need a little extra help.
       If there are any special areas of mediation practice that you want us to cover, please let us know. Chances are that we studied it, and we only need to be told someone wants to learn it.   We will be glad to put the subject into our groupings. These "advanced" classes will start in the upcoming late Summer or early Fall of 2013, and will continue every year thereafter. This also means our basic (standard civil & family mediation) training classes will be scheduled only a couple of times a year. If you know anyone who wants to or should take these, PLEASE let them know to schedule the dates quickly, due to the limitation of the number each year. 
       Meanwhile, the rest of you keep watching this website for the new classes being offered!! We're betting you'll find the subjects very interesting. And DON'T YOU WAIT TO REGISTER, EITHER!!   REMEMBER - OUR CLASSES ARE LIMITED TO 6 PEOPLE AT THE MOST !!! 







Most of Linda's Scheduled Seminars take place at her home office, which is located in beautiful and easily accessible South Baton Rouge, LA.
The exact address is:
5222 Blair Lane, Suite C, Baton Rouge, LA, 70809-3663.  The phone number is 225.454.6448 .

The location can be found on any internet map, as shown below. Parking is easily available and is free.  The only requests are that no one parks in front of the mailboxes, blocking others' driveways or vehicles. You can park anywhere on Blair Lane, on Russell Lane (the cross street), or in the alley behind the home office. Thanks for helping us keep our neighbours happy!!

Linda is always available to give any of her seminars at a location convenient for you, as your office, in a conference room in your area, and so forth. One such arrangement was her 21st Century Divorce, Parenting, Access & Visitation Classes in 2013.  These can be held in Covington, LA at 324 N. Theard St., 70433, if arrangements for such is made at least 3 weeks in advance. This particular location is the beautiful offices of Ellen C. Badeaux, Esq. who has a conference room which will hold up to 10 people.   If you would like to do this, please contact Linda at her office to make the necessary arrangements. Thanks!!

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