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 Linda Liljedahl graduated from Tulane Law School in 1979 & has engaged in general civil practice for 33 years. Her mediation and ADR practice began officially in 1991. She likes to say "officially" because even before Linda was taught mediation and other dispute resolution techniques, she found herself constantly trying to find ways to assist and support disputants in court cases and potential lawsuits find ways to work out their differences before advancing to actual trial. While never fearing to represent her client(s) in court if litigation could not be avoided,  Liljedahl had observed and knew that once a case had finally reached the point where trial was unavoidable, all parties had lost. There are no true winners in court.
    Liljedahl has led the training in
General & Advanced ADR Training, General Mediation Training, Advanced Mediation Training, Family Parenting Dispute Training, Beginning and Senior Negotiation Training, Advanced Postal Service Mediators (REDRESS) Training, Juvenile Dependency Mediation Training, Mediator Due Process Hearing Officer (LA) Training, Early Neutral Evaluator Training, & Arbitrator Training in several areas of civil disputes.
She is a well-recognized experienced mediator of all forms of civil and domestic disputes, appointed board member of USDC-MD Standing Panel for ADR Neutrals, LA State Bar Assn.(LSBA) MCLE-approved provider/ instructor of mediation, arbitration & ADR training seminars, NASD mediator, REDRESS mediator, serves as LSBA ADR Study Group & Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution Committee select member, member of ADR sections of LA, New Orleans and Baton Rouge Bar Associations and a LSBA Professional Liability Loss Prevention Counsel 
Linda Liljedahl presents several highly-acclaimed seminars a year on mediation, arbitration and ADR, which are very popular and qualify for continuing legal and professional education accreditation. The classes are small, informal and extremely interesting and lively, being held at her home office located in Baton Rouge or in another beautiful office in Covington, LA.  Her phone number is 225.454.6448.  One may leave voice mail if she is not able to answer the telephone immediately. You may also make enquiries at her email at or .  There are numerous sites with information and maps with her seminars’ location throughout the internet on the web.  If you do not have this capability but can arrange to receive a fax, please ask her for one and she will send you it at your fax number. Linda looks forward to hearing from you!!

Selected Honors and Publications

  • Who's Who Lifetime Member, 2011- , Cambridge Who's Who Registry
  • Woman of the Year, 2009-10, UCC/ABI/PPP Productions (also 2007-08, 2005-6)
  • Two Thousand Notable Women, The Biographical Press Institute, 2011, 2008, 2005, 2003, et al
  • International Directory of America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals, 2010, 2005, 2001
  • International Directory of Experts and Expertise, 2006, "Dedicated to Liljedahl"
  • First International Peace Prize, United Cultural Convention, 2004, sole recipient of award for 2 years following: 2006, 2010
  • Professional Woman's Advisory Board, ABI , 2009-
  • "Roundtable Discussion: Mediation" - Member of discussion interview by Charles F. Thensted, Louisiana Bar Journal, Vol. 48, No. 3, pp.202-208
  • "Mediation: An Alternative to Costly Litigation." Journal of Construction Accounting & Taxation, Vol. 9, Number 5, pp. 7-11.
  • "Mediation & Professionalism: What's the Connection?" Louisiana Loss Prevention Newsletter, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 1-3.
  • "Louisiana Mediation Statutes: Updates on the Louisiana Regular Sessions (1999-2009)."- co-author with Bobby Harges, Louisiana Bar Journal, "Recent Developments in Alternative Dispute Resolution", September 2001, October 2003, October 2005, September 2007, October 2009 & September 2011 - New Faces, New Attitudes.
  • "Courting Settlements: An Interview with Mediation Expert Linda Liljedahl,", Law Developments, 29June and 14July2003.

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